My wife and I had the amazing opportunity to visit the country of Togo, West Africa in early 2022. While this experience was very life changing, it was even more important to me because I had the opportunity to share the stories of the people of West Africa. The importance of life and the true meaning of JOY. Sharing time, laughter, and more. Truly a once in a life-time experience.

 If you have 20 minutes to spare, I'd encourage you to watch the film I was able to put together. I guarantee that it will be bring JOY to your life! (:
*click the image to watch the film*
What an amazing event! My wife and I joined the Omaha community and we strolled through Blackstone to support the Nebraska Epilepsy Foundation. Great people, great drinks, and a great time. All for a good cause! Hearing the stories of the families impacted by this foundation and having the opportunity to share them is truly a blessing. I encourage you to watch the event highlight video!

There's so much we can do together to help others! Stay blessed (:
*click the image to watch the video*
Let's work together!
If you are a non-profit organization or company and you are interested in creating video content to share your purpose and story, I'd love the opportunity to meet you and learn about your mission!
Thank you!I can't wait to meet you and hear about your story (:
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